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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Since all of us are living in quarantine conditions due to COVID-19, “normal” isn’t so normal anymore. Many wonder if we will ever be normal again. All of our lives have been disrupted in one way or the other. The question is, will things go back to business as usual? I don’t think so. Things will be different because we will be different and hopefully better.

Bottom line, we are all doing what we can to get through this. And out of all of this, a “NEW NORMAL” has emerged! So in the meantime, whether we like it or not, we have all had to adjust to this a new normal.

For my family and I, life has definitely impacted us due to the pandemic. We have had to adjust to a new way of being and living like everyone else. Due to COVID-19, our son who was at college came home because the universities have closed, our middle daughter who was living in Chicago lost her job due to the virus and moved back home, and then our eldest daughter who was about to start her new job didn’t because the job froze due to the Coronavirus. In addition to all of that, my husband is now working from home, I run my business from my home office, and we have our two elderly mother’s living with us. So, to say the least our home is FULL! And when your house is full like ours, you have to know how to navigate the new normal.


1. Develop a Different Perspective

It’s important how we view and experience life today. The lens in which you and I see things will determine how well we will be able to manage the roller coaster of day-to-day life. Some days may be better than others, but nevertheless this is life and this is US!

Although some people are using this time to regroup, refocus, and reset, others not so much due to the tragic loss this pandemic has had on them. It is hard for everyone. However, the truth is we are all taking a hit in some shape, form, or fashion.

But, in order to get through this time, we have to know and believe that this too will pass. You will be able to go back to work. You will be able to be with family and friends. You will get better, if you are sick, and WE will all get back to living again. So, staying positive and full of faith knowing that all will be well soon is crucial.

2. Make A New Game Plan

As I mentioned earlier, my house is full! So, of course we had to implement new rules. That includes different roles and a different game plan all together for spaces & places in the home. For example...

Different Roles: Who will be doing what when it comes to helping with the household chores such as cooking, and cleaning, as well as assisting with caregiving, etc.

Different Spaces/Places: Everyone needs a moment to just Breathe. In addition to that, we all need a place and a space to work, do schoolwork, exercise, and just some alone time. This is critical so that we are not sitting all on top of each other. It is also important for us to make sure that we show respect and consideration for each others space and place at all times.

It is also vital for us to be open and honest in communicating what we need. Whether it is the amount of time that you need away from each other, or the amount of time desired to spend together. This was definitely a needed and necessary thing in my family for all of us to thrive in our home in PEACE!

3. Be Creative

Learn new ways regarding how to work, live, and play indoors and out. For example, there are times where I will go to a nearby park in my neighborhood early in the morning to have quiet time, to journal, to reflect, or to work with my clients via video.

To get in some physical activity, we exercise by watching YouTube videos or make our own exercise videos in the backyard. Other times we would take a walk or take a light run in the neighborhood. In addition to those activities, we would play board games, cards, paint, create vision boards, do dance challenges, and look at movies as a family.

We’ve also enjoyed having deep conversations as well as laugh out loud kinda fun just from the crazy things that are either said or done. Other things we do includes coming up with unique projects to work on as we support each other with creative ideas to grow our businesses, to save money and to make money during this time.

Lastly, individually we spend time developing ourselves both spiritually and intellectually by reading, praying, and being more mindful of what we are doing on a regular basis to become a better, stronger, and a more wiser person.

Therefore, since change has occurred in all of our lives in an unprecedented way, the key to making life work is to focus on what we can control and not what we can’t while learning to adjust to our new lifestyle.

So, what will you do to navigate your “New Normal?”

If you need a coach to help you to navigate through this difficult time, don't hesitate to contact me and set up a FREE 15 consult.


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