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Everybody celebrates the NEW YEAR with new expectations for a year that’s better than what they experienced last year. Some people had an exciting year full of incredible things that happened to them and for them, but for others not so much. The reasons may vary as to why some people experience year in and year out success and others don’t, but one thing that I believe is key to having an amazing year, every year is to have our PURPOSE remind us of why we do what we do every day, all day!

When we lose focus like many of us do from time to time, it takes us going back to square one and allowing ourselves to be renewed by our purpose. You see it is easy to get caught up in the latest and the greatest regarding what’s trending verses maintaining our sphere of influence for where all of our efforts and energy should go. And if we are not careful, we can find ourselves gravitating towards something that is not in alignment with what we know to be our Purpose.

In 2018, I allowed myself to get frustrated by the lack of progress that I thought I would have made with the goals that I had set for myself. But when I sat back and took an honest look at myself and at what I was doing that caused a lack of results, it was because of one thing. I realized that no matter how hard I worked, when I allowed myself to take my eyes off of my own purpose even for a second, I lost major ground. That's what happened to me and perhaps that is what has happened to you too.

I found myself losing direction, losing focus, losing motivation, and losing passion because I was not operating from the core of who I am and what I was designed to do. I did a lot of things that brought some results, but the massive results that I had envisioned did not happen for me both personally and professionally. Therefore, the things that I had anticipating seeing and celebrating by the end of the year never happened and all I felt was disappointment. Have you ever been there?

So, what did I do to get back on track? I RENEWED MY PURPOSE. I allowed myself to be reminded about “Why” I do what I do.

What do I mean by being ‘Renewed by Purpose?’ First, let me talk about what it means to be renewed. To be ‘renewed’ means to refresh or to restore what has become faded and return it back to its original state. It’s like us going back to the place where we were supposed to be in the first place, so that we travel in the direction that our lives were meant to go.

Think for a moment. What was the last thing that you were doing that you felt compelled to do? What were you talking about that had you so passionate that you couldn’t wait to get started? Those are the things we need to tap back into so that we can serve our purpose with our whole heart. This is the time to be renewed again with your purpose.



PURPOSE helps you to identify why it is essential for you to do a particular thing. It gives you a cause that is worth living for and if necessary it gives you something that you believe is worth dying for. Purpose gives you the reason for being and it gives you the oxygen you need to breathe. It allows you to connect and commit to the strength and core of who you are. It helps you to stay on course, so that you can create amazing every day and to have that great year you plan to experience.


PURPOSE demands all of you because its saying to you that you were created for this! No else can do what you do, (i.e. run the company like you, be the kind of wife or husband that you are, or a good father or mother like you, or write that best selling book that will transform lives like you). It MUST be done by YOU. It doesn’t matter if there is something else out there that is similar, but your purpose is unique because you are unique. You have a unique sound, unique voice, and a unique way of doing things in order to reach who you were design to reach.


PURPOSE, helps you to set your vision for higher sights, therefore positioning yourself for how you do everything that you do. This becomes all that connects you to the life that you are to live, the life you are give, and the life that you are to share, and the vision you are to build.

When you do purpose building, you are building on something that is solid and that's a part of your identity. Purpose empowers you to be all in and it causes you to recognize that it is purpose that shapes you into the person you are to be. Purpose helps you to move forward strong, committed, ignited with passion and power to do what only you can do. Don’t look to the left or right, but be renewed by your own sense of Purpose.

Purpose aims your life and shows you where to hook your life so you won't stop and give up or just settle instead of creating an opportunity for yourself to make a difference. Therefore, knowing why you are here helps you connect with your value that is built into your purpose.

So, look at the gaps where you failed to pay attention to what was in your heart to do last year. Be determined to truly connect and get into motion this year so that your real motivation in pursuing a great year is RENEWED from within, and that comes from YOUR PURPOSE.

If you need help discovering how to connect to your purpose, set up a Clarity Empowerment Call today! Go to my website at

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