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How to Overcome Challenges and Live an Empowered Life

Life is full of ups and downs. And I found out that it's really not about what comes at you, because life happens to all of us. But it's really about how we deal with the things that come to challenge us and how we can allow those challenges to help us to live a more empowered life. Well, I want to share three ways in how to do just that.

Recently, I took my little toy poodle "Pepper" to the vet to check on a bluish black bulge that I notice on her belly. And although Pepper has been to the vet quite often, she still responds the same way, shaking all over.

During our visit, the doctor reveal that the bulge was a hernia, but the shocking news is that my dog was diagnose with cancer. I must say that I was taken aback by that unexpected announcement. However, the doctor was not sure if it had metastasized or not and that we would have to bring her back for a second opinion.

After I got myself together, I left with my dog to go home. As soon as I got home, my little Pepper jumped out of the car and ran to the front door scratching feverishly to get into the house. Once I opened he door, she immediately ran to get her favorite toy...her stuffed pink pig. And although, she has no idea what her outcome will be, it didn't matter at the moment is going after the thing that brings her joy and that is her pig. Maybe there is something to learn from all of this. May you have received some unexpected news that has caused you to feel like the bottom has just dropped out of your life.

There is a way to overcome any challenge and continue to live an empowered life by implementing these few steps?

Here are 3 ways to make that possible:


It's important for us to go where the joy is when we are faced with unexpected news that could swallow us up, if we allow ourselves to sit in the uncertainty, instead of searching for the positive. So instead of letting the situation or circumstance cloud your view in thinking that since this one thing is not going well for you, that nothing is going well in you life in which you could find some joy. That is why you have to find the thing that brings you joy.

Run to the source that brings you peace, comfort and hope. For me it begins with God. Next, my family and friends bring me comfort, peace and joy as well as just doing things that brings laughter into your life and that you really enjoy doing! Refuse to stay in that stuck place and know that where you are or whatever you are dealing with is temporary and on it's way to changing. So ask yourself, what brings you Joy? Then go after like never before! It will help you to face this challenge strong.


It is up to you how you are going to allow whatever is happening to you impact you and knock you all the way out of the game of life. You have the power to decide whether this is a growth opportunity and to learn the lessons or you can see this as something that you will never recover from. You can use the experience as leverage for growing into your best self, building your best business, developing better relationships and more. You have the POWER OF CHOICE at your disposal!

We have all heard the saying that it's ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you respond about what happens to you. This is so true! It is perspective that changes the season that you are in and how long you stay in a season. It can be sooner than later for you if you can embrace the proper paradigm shift necessary to overcome the challenge and become empowered by it. So ask yourself, how will you let this moment establish you going forward or staying back?

3. Live by Faith

It is so important to believe that everything happens for a reason. And although the reason may not be revealed right away, it is powerful enough just knowing that everything is going to work together for your good. Whether you are transitioning in your life from one career to the next, or being laid off. Whether your marriage is rocky or it's stronger than ever, or whether you business is growing or failing, you must remember that you are not on this journey by yourself. God is with you and He is for you and that there is something greater, more abundant coming your way.

So, if you can trust beyond what you see and believe that on the other side lies a better outcome, it will help you to withstand anything. To use your faith to believe that God is in control whether you understand what He's up to or not helps you to gain confidence that a better plan is in operation for you. Faith offers a perspective that saids "it didn't happened to you, it happened for you! Loss or's going to be ok.

If you need a coach to help you as you are dealing with challenges, and you are determine to continue to live an empowered life, then I would be delighted to work with you and support you along your journey! Just go to my website: and sign up for a "Clarity Empowerment Call". Contact me TODAY!

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