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Priority Matters – How to Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing

For some of us, we have made everything a priority. And I understand that we have to be flexible on some things because life happens. However, for many of us we have not been able to balance the “nice to do” from the “must do”. So, in the words of Kelly Stettner…who said “If everything is important then nothing is”. We can’t make everything the main thing. So, how do we keep the main thing the same thing?

Here are 3 Ways on how to keep the main thing, the main thing!


We tend to take on everyone’s problems, issues, situations, at the drop of a hat and make them a priority for us to solve, fix, or be the “Go-To Person” for any sudden thing that arises without thinking about how this will impact your day, your time, your goals, and the results that you have set out to accomplish. For example, some of the things people put on you are of their own doing and now they want you to figure out an “Out” for them. Whether it involves you picking up their child from school, assist them with an assignment at work, dealing with a shut off notice, attend a meeting on their behalf, etc. Whatever it is, Stop, Drop, and Roll that issue back onto them in order for them to find another resource that can accommodate their needs. Why? Because you did not cause their problem, you don’t have to feel obligate to resolve it.


The Needful is the (Now Thing) and The Necessary is the (The Process) for accessing or evaluating everything through the lens of what is really important by just asking yourself a simple question. Is this is needful and necessary? It is needful and necessary for you to stop letting your life be up for grabs!!! Set your agenda according to what is important to you and stop wasting time on stuff that really does not matter at the expense of what does. Don’t lose sight of what is vital to you thriving and maintaining the flow and focus of your priorities that will keep you on track with the main things, staying the main thing.


Stay true to your values and your truth because they honor you. Ask yourself what are your non-negotiables? What are the things that you are not willing to compromise on? What are the things that keep you from living and working in the integrity of who you are? Remember, it is crucial to keep the promises that you made to yourself by learning how to say NO to people, places, and things and learn how to say YES to yourself and to what essential for you to live strong and powerful in your NOW!

Remember, only you can say "Enough is Enough"! You don't have to try to keep every plate in the air, but only what is vital to you moving your life's priorities and goals forward! You can do it!

Now, sit down and reflect about your priorities and write down what is major for you. Then choose one thing today and do it and pray that they are in alignment with your ultimate purpose.

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