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The Payoff of Being Relentless

Have you ever been so focused, so determined that you will let nothing get in your way until have accomplished what you set out to do?

Well, this is what I call being RELENTLESS! It's about not backing down until the deed or work is done and you have arrived at your destination.

BEING RELENTLESS is a major player to achieving what you want in life, work, love, business, peace of mind and more!

I had a moment when being relentless kicked in overtime for me when my mother in-law was coming to visit with us for a month. Well, our basement was not finished yet. However, I was determine to get it done. We had boxes and unused furniture everywhere due to the many accumulative moves around the country when my husband served in the military. But that did not stop me. I sorted through boxes, sent stuff to the GoodWill, organized the furniture, bought a new bedroom set and repurpose other furnishing, put up curtains, scrubbed & cleaned everything and in 48 hours the place looked great. When my mother in-law arrived, she was amazed at how beautiful it was. She did not know all the hard work that I put in to get the place just right.

Often times, we look at other people successes the same way. They made it look so easy, but in reality, it cost them something. It cost me something to do what I did, but I was willing to pay the price for what I wanted to accomplish.

Are you? Are you willing to pay the price? Are willing to make the sacrifices?

I sacrificed sleep, eating, looking at TV, talking on the phone, being on social media or any other thing. I was laser focus and I had refused to be distracted. And when you refuse to be distracted, you can get a lot of things done. I was so determined to do what I set out to do that I was fighting to make it happen. It definitely was worth the while because all my hard work and effort paid off!

The reality of being relentless keeps you from procrastination and helps you focus on not giving up and quitting. It also keeps you from giving into that part of you that tells you that you can't endure to the end.

Imagine how much more you could accomplish. Imagine where your life could be. Imagine the impact that you can make on others, if only you stayed relentless towards your purpose, your dreams, and your goals. That is why it is important to connect to that thing on the inside of you so strongly that nothing will be able to stop you.

Are you willing to be so determine that you won't allow any type of distractions to keep you from going after what you want in 2017?

Are you really ready to get the results that you've been looking for, hoping for, praying for, wishing for? Then it's time to get to work. As the saying goes, "It will work if you work it!" So get to work so you can get the benefit or the payoff of being RELENTLESS.

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