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What's In Your Hand?

How many of you have ever felt like you were meant to do something great; something that is bigger than life! I believe all of us have been placed on the planet to do something great. Something that nobody else can do but YOU! We all have a special assignment that was given to us to do on the planet that is radically different than what has ever been done or seen before. The reason why it has never been done or seen before because YOU have never done it!

Whatever your assignment is…whatever you have been place on the earth to do, it is your TIME and it is your SEASON to get busy doing it. I know it may seem scary because the assignment is so HUGE, but don’t let fear keep you from doing what you were put on the earth to do. The reality is you have already been equipped for the assignment. That’s right. What you need is starring you right in your face. As a matter-of-fact, it is right in your HAND! Yes, many of us would be surprise to discover that everything that you need to take your life to the next level is in your hand.

So, I am asking you “WHAT’S IN YOUR HAND?” If you know what is in your hands and how to use it, you will discover how to truly maximizing your potential! One person that comes to mind that can demonstrate this concept so well is Moses from the bible. Through him, we can learn seven principles on how to maximize our potential by using what’s in our hands.


Moses first discovered what his assignment was from God. He found out that he was chosen to be the Deliverer to the people of Israel by God and that it would be his responsibility to get those people across the Red Sea to the promise land.

Before, we can know what’s in our hand, it’s important for us to know our WHY in order to maximize our potential. In other words, what is your PURPOSE regarding why you are here and what were you created for? When you understand why you are here, you will understand what you need to do the assignment that is stored on the inside of you.


How many of you would admit that Moses assignment was a huge task to accomplish. So to ask for a little help from God did not sound so far fetched. But here’s how God helped Moses. He helped him to realize that what he was asking for and what he was looking for he already had it…it was in his HAND all along! Moses didn’t realize that what he had in his hand was more than just a staff. It was the power that was in the staff that would take him to the promise land to fulfill his destiny.

What’s in your hands? What kind of gifts, talents, and resources are in your hand? What type of opportunities, skills, geniuses, abilities, and endowments that you have within you? Who do you know and what kind of power of influence do you have to draw others to assist you with what’s in your hand? What nations are you to touch and what legacies are you to leave behind? Think about it. Have you looked in your hands lately?


God told Moses to release the staff that was in his hand. To “Release” what’s in your hand requires you to begin to step out on what you know to do. As you begin to let go and trust that what you have to offer to the world is enough and that it will change and transform it, then you will have begun to maximize your potential.

When Moses released the staff, it morphed into something else (a snake). Until you are willing to let go of what has be deposited within you, you will never experience the fullness of all that you were meant to be. And you will never have the impact that you were destined to make.


When the staff turned into a snake, Moses became afraid and ran from it. Anytime you have something great to do FEAR will show up to stop you. Fear is always the enemy of our faith. It causes us to fear the Possible by causing us to believe that it is Impossible. Fear will set up a board meeting with you and tell you all the reasons why it cannot be done. You know the fear that I’m talking about. (i.e. financial fears, fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of lack of support, fear that you are not smart enough to pull this off, or maybe fear of success and your ability to handle it). Maybe some of you are there right now. Whatever the fear is, call to dismiss the board meeting of fear and JUST DO IT SCARED!


When God told Moses to pick back up the staff, He told him to pick it up by the tail not the head. It is essential that you learn about what’s in you and how to use it properly so that you know that you are maximizing your potential wisely and effectively. You do this by knowing the WHO(People), WHAT (Gift/benefit), WHEN (Timing), WHERE (Place), and HOW (Results). Study others who have gone before you to learn more about it. Read, attend trainings & conferences, get a mentor, etc. and don’t forget to pray and ask God since He is the one who gave it to you in the first place.


Share with others who you are and what value you can add to their lives. What Moses did was not just for him, but it was others. Be other conscious or other's centered. Let others in on what you are doing so they can partner with you and help you make a difference.


Moses took action and moved forward after realizing just how prepared he really was. When you decide to do it now, you get a chance to watch the miracles happen! Many are waiting to cross over to the other side to meet up with their destiny so that they can continue to Pay It Forward for what’s in their hands to do.

Remember, you can maximize your potential in 2017 by:

  1. Knowing what your assignment is

  2. Identifying what’s in your hand

  3. Releasing what’s in your hand

  4. Not being afraid of it what’s in your hand

  5. Follow Directions on using what’s in your hand

  6. Share it with others

  7. Do it now!

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