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Fighting for FOCUS. It is so important to focus forward, but often times many of us have lost time, opportunities, and money looking back. Looking back causes us to get stuck and not progress to a place in life that was always possible for us to reach, if only we maintained our focus.

You see when we maintain our focus; it causes us to maintain our momentum, increase our satisfaction and contentment, and results in us achieving a level of success.

How important is it for us to fight? What is the target of our fight? And, why is joining the fight to focus so important? I’ll tell you why?

Well, this thought came into my mind as I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were discussing a lack of progress made on certain projects that we have not reached due to a lack of focus. We both are assured of what we want to accomplish, but again life got in the way.

But sometimes, it’s not just life getting in the way, but too often we get in our own way. How? By not setting up boundaries necessary to get to our next level or perhaps being more involved with other activities that has nothing to do with our intended goals or purpose.

Then it happened. My friend Joy, made a profound statement that God revealed to her. What she heard was “If you’re passionate about your purpose, than focus is not an option.” WOW!!! That statement stopped me in my tracks and made me questioned how passionate am I about my purpose that I have been willing to be continuously distracted from things that really don’t matter.

Our purpose must trump everything else no matter how noble, how exciting, or how much of a great opportunity something else may appear to be. We cannot compromise our purpose, because of our lack of discipline to stay focus. The price is too high.

So is your focus worth fighting for? Prove it! This week, decide to make some changes to how you spend your time so that the best of your time is spend doing what you were uniquely designed to do.

Make the commitment to yourself to become that purpose driven person that knows and values what’s at stake and is willing to pay the price by any means necessary.

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