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We have all heard the saying… “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Well, this is a true statement whether you want to believe it or not! And I know personally about failing to plan for certain goals that resulted in plans failing. This left me with regret and feeling like a failure.

If the outcome of our lives depends on how much something really matters to us, then we must be ready and willing to plan ahead to get it. Everything we do should have a plan in order for us to know how we are going to go about realizing that plan.

The RESPONSIBILITY is ours. And we must take a “no matter what” attitude towards achieving it.

So ask yourself... does it matter to you to create a plan around what you want and in doing so ensure that it happens?

Well, I know that life works better with a plan and plans work, if we work it.

For example, a couple years ago, I decided to do a 20K Run/Walk event. At first, I was half-stepping it. Then my husband suggested that I get a plan. He said “why don’t you download a walking plan for a 20K.” I did that and the rest is history. I achieved what I wanted to do with a strategy that worked. That same strategy works with anything else that I purpose to do.

Plan first and then do.

Even God does nothing without a plan. He states “For I know the plans that I have for you….” (Jeremiah 29:11a - New American Standard Bible). Plans are how God operates, so I think that it is imperative that we do the same in order to win at life.

You can decide that no matter the time of the year that you find yourself at, there is still time to end the year strong!

Here are 3 keys to use for a Creating a Winning Plan for Life:

1. SET AN INTENTION – know what you intend or purpose to have happen that day and then only attend to that particular thing. Setting an intention gives clarity, focus, and direction.

2. DECIDE TO WIN – develop a “can do” attitude and know what you need to do to win. The decision to win motivates a behavior that follows that decision.

3. DESIGN A DOABLE PLAN – plans that are implemented in bite sizes chunks creates small wins, which turns into huge outcomes.

So whatever your plan is, make sure it is a winning one! So sit down today and write up your top three priorities that are a must for completing. This is what matters most for you to win and win big all day, every day.

Winning with a Plan is the plan of the day!

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