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Gossip. It is all around us (TV, magazines, social media, family, friends, neighbors) wherever you are, there it is. Most gossip is negative and by human nature we are drawn to embrace negativity especially if it’s about someone else. And it is that kind of stuff that gets shared the fastest. What’s that about? But if we are all honest, gossip is juicy and at times we all have engaged in it at some point in our lives whether it was good or bad.

You see, gossiping about good things that are happening in someone else’s life is a great thing to do. However, this kind of gossip does not get much face time nor seen as news worthy. But the bad, hurtful gossip is what everyone is drawn to and it is that kind of gossip that does not seem to die unless we kill it or stop it in its track.

I’ve seen how gossip has destroyed marriages, friendships, churches, careers, reputations, and more because the power of life and death is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

I can remember when I was working at a particular organization, one particular co-worker begin spreading a rumor about a specific responsibility of my job. They begin to share things that they felt like I wasn’t doing or doing well, although all my evaluations, colleagues, as well as those I served and a promotion spoke the opposite. Although, that particular person was trying to hurt my reputation, the truth was that I was the most sought after trainer in that organization (requested by name) which had opened many doors and expanded my business. This all happened because not only am I serious about what I do and I acknowledge God's blessing in my life, but I am also good at what I do.

Bottom line, people will flat out lie on others just because they are insecure, jealous or envious of what that another person have or is doing that they wish they had or was doing. Believe me, tearing down of another person in many cases has nothing to do with you, but in reality it has everything to do with how that other person feels about themselves. As for me, I knew that I could not let that person’s gossip stop me and it didn't.

So here are 4 tips (and a bonus tip) on how to stop the gossip before it stops you.

1. Refuse to get caught up in the rumors or even feeling like you have to confront them, but stand in your integrity and truth. Although it may bother you or it may even hurt you. Stop and think first so that you will not over react. Remember, some things you don’t need to dignify with a response.

2. Never let them see you sweat. When that person see that you are not panicking, it allows you to outwardly show that you are in control of yourself and your life thus maintaining your own Personal Power.

3. Know that those who truly know you, and who knows the truth will stand up for you. They have your back and will speak up for you to help shut it (lies) down for you.

4. Keep doing YOU! The rumors will die off just as fast as it started because everyone will eventually see that there was no truth to it.

BONUS TIP: If you are ever tempted to jump on the "Gossip Band Wagon" about someone else when the gossip is brought to you (and yes many times we are all tempted and sometimes fail) but ask yourself these 3 questions before you open your ear and mouth. Is it TRUE? Is it NEEDFUL? And is it NECESSARY?

Remember, don’t forget how it made you feel when the gossip was about you and don’t take someone else’s life on that useless and careless journey with your words.

Please share your comments below regarding when gossip threatened to damage any aspect of your life. I would love for you to share your story.

Also, if you want to take control of your life and begin creating the life you deserve and want, then don’t forget to sign up for your 6 FREE TIPS FOR UNIQUELY DESIGNING YOUR LIFE gift on my website (

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