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When we recognize who God has made us to be and what He has created us to do, we are to BELIEVE IT AND OWN IT. Over the years, I have heard women admit that they have dumb down their intelligence just so that someone else doesn’t become intimidated with them. Many have said that they have tried to act like, talk like, or even walk like someone else so that others will like them. I personally know some women who will not speak up or say “no” to people because they didn’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings while ignoring their own. Many women have also turned down opportunities, relationships, careers, or even sharing their successes because of being afraid of what others might say about them. These kinds of choices left many women feeling disempowered.

Well, the truth of the matter is people are going to say what they want to say. And that is ok. All of us must come to a place that it does not matter what people may think, feel, or believe. It only matters what you think, feel, and believe about you. Once that is resolved, you can BE YOU and be comfortable in your own skin. Then you can stand strong and bold in who you are and wear you like you are your favorite outfit!

Stop turning down how awesome you really are. You really are a ROCK STAR and don't back down from that because you were created like that! It’s not about making others feel better about themselves by you playing small. But instead, GET TURNED UP to live life bigger than you’ve ever have before and live it out loud for everyone is see and hear it!

Now, ask yourself…why are you turning yourself down? How has it benefited you? If it has stopped you from living your purpose assignment the way you were designed to do, then TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?

I would love to hear from you. Please share your comment below regarding what you want to “turn up” in your life and how are you going to do that?

Also, don’t forget to Sign Up for my FREE 6 TIPS FOR UNIQUELY DESIGNING YOUR LIFE GIFT so that you can take back control of your life and create the life that you deserve and want!

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