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Confidence! It is one of the fundamental keys to being unstoppable in one’s life pursuit! Confidence alone can take you a very long way and it can open many doors just because of the way you show up in your life. When you have the assurance that "you got this" because of what you believe about yourself, it will manifest in your life and in everything you do. But, how can one always operate in UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE as you are pursuing your dreams. Well, here are 3 ways to help you keep your confidence fueled to the max as you keep moving towards your destiny.


I believe that we all have something special to offer to the world and your contribution is like non-other because you are like non-other. However, as you look back at the difference that you have already made in the lives of others, your confidence will soar. When you assess the bases for which people come to you… whether it is the insight they’ve gained, the transformation created in their thinking, the accountability you gave that keeps them on track, or maybe just encouraging them while pushing them to the next level. This all reveals the impact that you have had on their lives. This “confidence booster” will forever remind you of the value that you bring to others. This will keep your confidence growing stronger while showcasing your greatest potential for creating change in others and yourself.


God has invested in us in an incredible way! He invested in us with a strategy to guarantee our success. This strategy is found in scripture (Matthew 25:15) that talks about the talents God gave to each person according to their ABILITY. Now this is huge for us to grab hold of because it was not according to anyone else’s ability, but to our own ability, which means you can excuses allowed! And guess what? Because God knows what He is doing there is no need to compare either. Why? Because what God has given you to do is only for you, and what is for me is for me. This unstoppable confidence was given as our birthright. It's was put in our DNA from the Creator Himself! How awesome is that!!!

God believes in you more than you believe in yourself. He has confident in what you can do because He gave you what you can handle. He already knows how well you can duplicate and multiply what's in you exponentially, if you are willing to go all out. So if we operate according to what is in us, we cannot fail unless we just don’t try. This should increase our confidence 100% because we would be functioning in full capacity of who we are and in what are called to do.

3. OVERCOMING CHALLENGES : When you feel self-assurance arising from appreciation of your own abilities or qualities, that same assurance will cause you to face challenges by just remembering how you made it through the last thing you faced using your FAITH and by taking ACTION. Challenges come to everyone and often times we don’t know what is in us until life comes at us. Knowing that you are more than a conqueror will cause you not to sit down on what you already know is true about you and where you are going. This Unstoppable Confidence that I am talking about reaches back to the testimonies of past successes and will propel you forward no matter what. Your confidence lets you know that what is ahead of you is greater than what you are going through temporarily.

How does having confidence caused you to be unstoppable in your pursuits? Share your story.

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