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Perfection. What an intimidating word! Just the thought of perfection being a requirement for anyone to do something that they want to do can be daunting if perfection is the standard. If perfection is what it takes to achieve anything then what is the use of even trying. Right? The reality is none of us are perfect.

Many of us are paralyzed by the need for things to be perfect when it comes to pursuing our dreams. I must admit that I was one who would postpone what I wanted to do until I knew it would be perfect. Before I started blogging, the content had to be perfect, so until I could do it right, I didn’t blog for years. I stalled for almost 10 years starting my radio/podcast show because it had to have the perfect introduction, the right production team, great graphics, as well as me knowing how to manage the technology just right before I launched it. I've learned to do it imperfect as long as I just do it. Improving upon what I am doing will continue to be a work in progress.

I realized that “perfection” is a fantasy that really does not exist. It will only rob you of what is already yours to have. I also know that it's ok not to have it all together before you start to do what you know you are called to do. However, it is not ok to miss your opportunity to impact the world in the capacity to bring about change just because you want everything to be perfect. Ecclesiastes 11: 4 (NLT Bible) states “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done”. GO FOR IT NOW!

Once I got over myself trying to accomplish an impossible goal called “perfection”, I moved beyond this false and unreachable standard that I set for myself and decided that being and doing things in EXCELLENCE is what matters most. Excellence is what is doable and achievable. I no longer languish over making sure things are perfect. I decided that as long as I give MY ALL and in doing that allows MY BEST to shine through, that is good enough for me!

REFLECTION: What are you waiting to be perfect in your life before you start doing what you know you should have done long time ago? Perfection is a show stopper! Remember, perfection is the motivation that feeds procrastination.

SUCCESS ACTION: Examine your life and see what has you stalled or stuck due to the need for perfection. Write down 3 things you’ve waited on doing until everything was perfect. Begin doing what you have the power to do today. Do that thing with all your might and let that be GOOD ENOUGH.

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