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50 SHADES OF HAPPY By Nashawn Turner

I AM 50 YEARS OLD and I’m proud of it!!! Why not? I consider it a blessing to have lived this long on the planet. But not only to have lived this long, but to have lived this long and to be HAPPY…truly happy with my life! I actually could have helped Pharrell to write the song “HAPPY”! Does this mean that I everything about my life is the way that I want it to be? Absolutely not! However, it’s not about having a perfect life, but a contented life.

We are all human and life happens to everybody. But like one of my favorite gospel songs puts it… “I’ve had some good days and I had some bad days. But all my good days outweigh my bad days, so I won’t complain.” Not complaining and learning to be content in whatever state that you are in...this is the Secret Sauce! One sure way not to complain is through showing GRATITUDE!

Gratitude will shift everything in your life regardless of what you may be going through. Think about what you have going right in your life and not focus on the negative. Focus on what really matters will make a profound difference. So, why don’t you switch it up a bit and try on a little "Happy" today. I’m sure it looks good on you! Here are my “50 Shades of Happy” to share with you what I’m most grateful for.

  • GOD: It’s in Him that I live, I move, and have my being.

  • LIFE: Everyday is a celebration that I am still here.

  • LOVING MYSELF: I love, enjoy, and celebrate me. I am comfortable in my own skin.

  • LOVE: It feels so good to be totally loved and accepted.

  • HUSBAND: He is a gift from God that continues to blow my mind & still makes my heart flutter after all these years.

  • CHILDREN: They are my joy and my delight! They make me laugh so much although 2 of them are grown and living on their own.

  • IN-LAWS: The BEST (they are my second parents).

  • FAMILY: Great mom! Glad she is still alive & kicking! Gatherings with siblings spells F-U-N!

  • PEACE: There is nothing like it!

  • FRIENDS: My second family!

  • LAUGHTER: I love to laugh out loud! It does me good like a medicine.

  • HEALTH: Health is my wealth & I appreciate being free from all sickness & disease!

  • GROWTH: Growing through hard times or disappointing times makes me who I am.

  • MUSIC: Good music puts me in a good place. It just makes everything alright.

  • NATURE: Hearing the birds sing, watching butterfly's fly, and feeling the nice warm breeze blowing is "Golden."

  • FREEDOM: Free to be me, own who I am and do what I want to do without permission.

  • MY DOG "PEPPER": She is the sweetest dog on the planet.

  • A BEAUTIFUL HOME: Home Sweet Home! Nothing like a comfortable, clean & organize dwelling.

  • DANCING: I just love to dance...makes me feel free!

  • MOVIES: Classics, funny, suspense, action, love stories, and tear jerkers are the best.

  • TRAVELING: I love to seeing the world, experiencing new culture, and meeting new people.

  • SUPPORT: It is good to know that people have my back & believe in me. I got the "A" team.

  • GIVING: I love to bless and give to others. It's nothing like making somebody's life better.

  • SUNSHINE: I love the sun! It just brightens my whole day, everyday.

  • MEETING NEW PEOPLE: I am fasinated with people.

  • FOOD: Love a good meal.

  • HOLIDAYS: Best times of the year spend with family & friends!

  • MY BUSINESS: I love empowering and transforming women's lives to become everything they were meant to be.


  • FINANCES: Having more than enough gives me options & allows me to do more.

  • READING: A good book is like a good Hug! I just snuggle into it and it's a "WRAP."

  • SHOPPING: I love to shop for just about anything. I will shut it down!

  • PRAYER: There is nothing like talking to God and having Him to talk back to you. Intimacy at its best!

  • TALK RADIO: I love being on my radio show sharing and listening to radio shows to learn. It gives me the best seat in the house to tune into someone else thoughts.

  • OLD PHOTO ALBUMS: Such good memories that makes my heart smile.

  • WATCHING OLD VIDEOS OF FAMILY: Makes me appreciate how rich my life really is.

  • THE SOUND OF CHILDREN PLAYING: - Something about those little voices makes me warm & fuzzy.

  • THE BEACH: I love to hear the water and see the vastness of God's greatness! Relaxing.

  • SPA: It feels so good to have someone else nurture and pamper me.

  • KARAOKE: It good to pretend every now and again!

  • MUSEUMS: Discovering and exploring past, present, and future is mind blowing.

  • CONCERTS: Live music with my favorite music group, PRICELESS!

  • PLAYING CARDS: I am the Queen of Spades & Jim Rummy! Looking for a challenge!

  • A GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Nothing like hanging out with my girls. The fun never gets old!

  • MAKEOVERS: Enhancing what I already have shows the many versions of myself.

  • DECORATING: I love to decorate and try out a new look in my home! Creativity shines.

  • SOLITUDE: I love being alone with my own thoughts. Quietness gives strength.

  • A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP: I love a goodnights rest. Sleep is not overrated, for me it is a neccessity.

  • RIDING IN A NICE CAR: Comfort and smoothness makes me feel so good.

  • PLAYING BOARD GAMES: I love old school games and gathering everybody together to just play.

REFLECTION: Happy comes in many shades. What does your “Happy” look like?

SUCCESS ACTION: Write your list of what you are grateful for. Read it everyday and watch things change in your life. Your whole perspective changes and you will find your "Happy Place" and do your "Happy Dance!"

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