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How many of you remember the game played as a kid called “Mother, May I" or "Captain, May I?” The objective of the game was for all the kids to stand far behind the person that pretended to be the “Mother” or the "Captain" (the one in control) and the kids would ask him or her a question or permission to make a certain move that would get them closer to the one in charge. They would keep doing this until they eventually reached their destination of becoming the “Mother” or "Captain" who then acquired the power and took over the game.

As I reflected upon the game, I thought about how many of us are still playing “Mother or Captain, May I” in our own lives. Some of us are still asking and waiting for PERMISSION to move forward in whatever they were created to do!


  • Own who you are and be yourself

  • Invest in your Vision

  • Have a Voice

  • Fulfill your Destiny

  • Follow your Call

  • Change your life & the lives of others

  • Go after opportunities

  • Use your gift

  • Express your creativity

  • Believe the impossible

  • Walk in your personal power

  • Live your Dream

If you are asking for permission or still waiting for someone to co-sign on what's in your heart to do or become....then I say STOP!!! Stop asking and start DOING! Stop asking and start BEING! Stop asking and give yourself permission to take ownership of your own life and live out your Purpose Assignment! It is time to go hard or go home and Stop Playing the Game!

REFLECTION: What areas in your life do you need to stop asking for permission to do what you were born to do. Remember, that is what true success is! And all it will cost you is your freedom to choose!

SUCCESS ACTIONS: Take yourself off of "pause" and make a list of all the things you have been waiting to do and select one to do this week. Daily give yourself permission to turn your life completely around.


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