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As a little girl, I use to love jumping Double Dutch! If you don’t know what double dutch is, it is a game played with two ropes that requires one person to be on each end of the ropes. Both people are turning the ropes simultaneously while another person jumps into the ropes until their turn is over. Believe me, it was fun to see who could jump the longest and do the most fancy foot and leg movements before the ropes stopped due to a misstep. However, there is a skill to playing double dutch. You had to know just when to jump in so that you would not get tangled in the ropes. Most jumpers would sway back and forth in preparation to jump in, trying to get the timing just right. Rhythm and timing are critical to know when it is your turn to jump in and to successfully do it without getting wrapped up inside the ropes.

As I reminisce about this activity that I loved so much as a child and was very good at, I must admit that there were times when I was kinda scared to jump in because I didn’t want to get hit by the ropes. This is exactly how life works. If you really want to go after what you want in life, you have to take a risk and just jump in. Yes, it can be scary, but just like I had to tell myself as well as my coaching clients that sometimes we have to just “DO IT SCARED”! If you know that it’s your turn to jump into your NEXT BIG THING, then it is important to realize that you can’t keep playing double dutch (swaying back & forth or jumping in and out) with your faith and your vision for your life. Either you are going to jump all the way in or you just need to take your rope and go home!

However, if you are ready, you must realize it is worth taking a BOLD MOVE in taking ownership of your life and go after it with all that you have. You will never know what you can do if you allow fear to stand in your way! SO LET YOUR FAITH PUSH YOU IN.

When deciding to jump in, there are 7 things you must know in order to see your life take off!

  1. DON’T BE CONFUSED BY THE TURNING ROPES – Some people don’t jump in because they keep starring at the ropes and they are confused at when to go in. Life is always going to be happening all around you and happening all at the same time. Don’t allow that to confuse you as to when to jump in. Just stay focus on discovering your opening and go for it.

  2. GET YOUR OWN RHYTHM – Find out what works for you and what feels right. Set your own pace on when to jump in.

  3. KNOW THE RIGHT TIMING – Timing is everything! The bible states that God does everything beautiful in its time (Eccelesiastes 3:11). Knowing your time and season for moving forward is critical, so don’t miss your time.

  4. BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS – Sometimes you have to jump in with your eyes closed. When you close your eyes and block out all the distractions, you can listen intently to the beats of the rope and know just when to make your move.

  5. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER A MISSTEP – Everybody makes mistakes. If it didn’t work for you this time or this way, try it another time and a different way.

  6. HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM – Have people in your corner who have your back. People that celebrate you and not just tolerate you! They are the ones turning the ropes and they are the ones who know just how fast or slow it need to be in order for you to jump in and win!

  7. PRACTICE – Don’t stop practicing. Keep doing it until you get it right and until it becomes easier. You must keep going until you achieve the outcome that you were looking for.

REFLECTION: Think about what your “WHY” is for not jumping into your life? What have you been waiting for?

SUCCESS ACTION: Make a bold move and amaze yourself! Decide today to jump in and keep jumping until you break your own record!

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