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IT'S ALREADY IN YOU by Nashawn Turner

SOME YEARS AGO, I HAD A VERY STRANGE DREAM. Not only did I have this particular dream before, but I dreamt the same dream at least three times within a given timeframe. The dream was about my husband and I buying and moving into a particular house. However, this was not just an ordinary house. This house was very intriguing! What was interesting about this house in the dream was what we discovered as we ventured throughout the house. Inside the house, we noticed that there were furnishings left behind in various parts of the house. But that was not the strangest part about the dream.

When we thought that we had seen the entire house, we soon discovered and kept discovering doors that led to different rooms throughout the house that we did not know existed. These rooms had incredible things inside them. Things that to our surprised had great value and worth. At that point, I became more excited and soon came to realize that these things were for us to use and could be used in a variety ways and in various places. I then mentioned to my husband in amazement that I had no idea that all of this existed in this house. When I woke up from my dream, I was left puzzled. So, I began to pray and ask God what did this all mean and this was the answer I received.

The house represents ME and that everything that I need is ALREADY IN ME!

And all the things that were already in the house as I walked through the various doors represented hidden gifts, talents, skills, ideas, potentials, strengths, creativity, resources, and opportunities that are already in me that I had never tapped into. I realized that not only were these things in me, but it is in all of us! We all have something to offer to the world that is of great value and of great worth once we uncover it and is not afraid to use it in ways that only we can. We must be willing to do this without the need for someone to accept, approve or give us permission to boldly shine in whom and in what we have. NOTE: No comparisons necessary!

How many times have we all looked to others to gain access to that which we already possess in order to do what we have been called to do to live out our purpose? How many of us have placed our lives or our dreams on hold because we didn't think that we had what it took to become what we always wanted to become or do what we always wanted to do? Only to discover that we already have what it takes in us because our Creator who knows us better then we know ourselves equipped us with it.

Now that hide and go seek is over, are you ready to claim your full inheritance from the treasures that are within you? Look no further, now is the time to unwrap what has been in storage for you to use to accomplish what you have been created for. This is your moment to be unstoppable!!! This is your moment of greatness! 2 Corinthians 4:7 saids...."But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God, and not from ourselves"(American Standard Bible).

REFLECTION: Think about what's holding you back from being the best YOU ever. Remember, you have everything you need to DO YOU and more! No comparisons necessary!

SUCCESS POINTS: Decide today that you will search out all of the hidden areas of abilities in your life that have been given exclusively to you and start tapping into it. Don't miss another day from owning all of you! So go forth and do great things because... IT IS ALREADY IN YOU!

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