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LEVEL UP by Nashawn Turner

Talking with my son this morning, we were discussing a new work project of mine which would require me to get out of my comfort zone. I told him that I was not too sure about doing this particular thing and that in doing it is really about going to a whole other level”. He responded to me by saying “Mom, you have to “level up”. Level Up??? Really now. I was so amazed at my 14-year-old son “schooling” his mom on NEXT LEVEL LIVING. So as I was thinking about what he said, it not only sounded like a challenge, but it also caused me to think about what I needed to do next and what would be required of me to go to Next Level Living.

Next Level Living requires for us all to “level up”. Leveling Up is about making a move in our lives for the better. Level Up means that by now we have earned enough experience personally or professionally (i.e. business or career, relationships, marriage or health, etc.) that has allowed us to gained access to a new place in our lives because of what we have gone through. We now have acquired a new next level skill, ability, strategy, knowledge, influence, or wisdom to deal with the increase that is to come at the next level in our lives. That increase could mean handling more finances, visibility, opportunities, richer relationships, or even handling more challenges that will meet us as we decide to level up.

What about you? Have you declared that you are going to the next level? Are you ready to step out of the box and level up? You know where you need to come up in. You know there is some area in your life that you want to have mastery over. Examine your experiences and how they have equipped you for promotion so that you can lead at the top of your own game on your own terms just because you have earned the right to. Remember, your Next Level Living is up to you. You can take yourself from where you are to something greater. Just Level Up!

REFLECTION: Don't let fear keep you from moving forward in your life. Know that Next Level Living will cost you something, but also know that it is worth it.

SUCCESS POINTS: Begin today to assess your successes and look for ways to become and do even better. God said in Deuteronomy 2:3 "You have stayed here long enough. Turn northward." (Living Bible). In other words, it is time to LEVEL UP! You got what it takes now, so do something different so you can experience what's at the next level waiting for you!

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