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ENLARGE YOUR LIFE! by Nashawn Turner

What do you do when something inside of you tells you that there is more that God has for your life? I believe that is a question that most, if not all of us have ask ourselves or will ask ourselves eventally. Sometimes, this kind of question might even arise at a time when you realize that although you have some good things going on in your life, there is still a void. It does not mean that you do not appreciate what you have, it just means that you want more because you know and believe that there is MORE.

God has uniquely designed us for a great life! Jesus said he came to give us life and that more abundantly. I believe what we are all seeking after is "life more abundantly", which means learning to live our lives in a more abundant way towards others and ourselves with greater significance, greater passion, and a greater satisfaction. So the question now becomes are we settling for less than what we were created to be, have, and do in life. If so, then it's time to ENLARGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Enlarging our lives begin with a yearning for more. It is first a realization that we are "more". The "more" that is on the inside of all of us is something that we discover in order for us to give more, do more, and share more with others. Perhaps, you may not know what that "more" is exactly; nevertheless, when it is time for a change, things become uncomfortable in our lives and do not quite fit who we are anymore. Awaken with this reality and truth, the desire for something different emerges.

Just having this kind of awareness empowers us to pursue something else; something that adds meaning and purpose to our marriages, our relationships, our businesses and all the other areas of our lives. Are you ready to grow into your life? Well, you must be hungry enough to change and go after becoming the person that you know that you are on the inside. The world is awaiting the expanded version of yourself, your talents, and your gifts in a BIG way!

SUCCESS ACTIONS: What is it that you want MORE of in your life? Write it down. Think about what is in your life that is hindering more of what you want to come in and get rid of it (i.e. toxic people, clutter, negative thoughts, etc.). Then replace those things with the kind of people, things, and positive experiences that you want to have in your life.

REFLECTION: Remember, only you can define what a "More Abundant Life" looks like for you. Meditate on the life that you desire and give thanks for it daily as you begin to create by faith & actions what you want to be Enlarged in your Life.

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