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NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! by Nashawn Turner

"NEW GIRL"! This is a little phrase my daughter would say after she has made a mistake about either something she has said or something that she has done. Her solution to correcting a wrong is to just snap her finger and say with a smile..."New Girl"! If only it was that simple to erase the errors of our ways with just a snap and a declaration. How wonderful life would be for us to be able to create a "new girl" or a "new person" in just an instant.

However, there is nothing magical about change. In order to really experience change in our lives in this New Year, so that we don't continue to repeat the same mistakes or maintain the same bad habits involves knowing that CHANGE REQUIRES WORK! And the hardest work required for change to occur is in changing how we THINK. Renewing our mind is crucial to establishing real change in our lives. Romans 12:2(a) saids for us to NOT be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

To transform something is to change from one form to another. When you transform your thinking, there is a paradiagm shift that takes place. You literally shift from one way of thinking to a higher way of thinking. This is where the renewal process begins. Renewing the mind consist of thinking about old things with a fresh and new perspective on a continual basis. This process of a renewed thinking empowers you to succeed in all aspects of life if appropriated correctly. However, this kind of thinking must be Intentional. In other words, there has to be a conscious and focus effort made for us to see lasting change.

Other ways to renew your mind includes surrounding yourself with postive people, reading different types of materials that has to do with the goals that you have set for yourself and placing yourself in a positive environments that will aid you in developing a new way of thinking for creating a new way to LIVE. For example, if a person wants to lose weight, there are a variety of things he or she can do. Read books on weight loss, join a gym, buy new cook books, watch weight loss shows for motivation, enroll in a diet program, work with a personal trainer or life coach are the many tools to empower you to achieve success.

All of the things mentioned above are powerful resources to help you become the "New You" in the New Year. So gather the necessary tools to reach your goals that will place you on the path to becoming a "New Girl"!

REFLECT: How will you renew your mind so that you will not be in this same place next week, next month, next year? What resources do you have right now to make a change today?

SUCCESS ACTION TIP: Remember, change starts with a decision and it only becomes a reality with commitment!


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