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Nashawn Turner | Uniquely Designed Coaching
Hi, I'm Nash©awn

I’m an ICF certified transformational life and leadership coach, an international speaker, an empowerment expert better known as the EmpowerMentor, a published author, wife, mom, caregiver, and a woman of faith that shares wisdom, speaks truth and operate in biblical principles to guide, coach, and support you with tips and tools on how to fully choose you, your life, your career, and your relationships that are uniquely designed for you to experience and to thrive in.


How I Can He©lp

Elevating you and all that you do is what our transformational services provide.

Choose your next level of personal best!


Experience a transformative and personalized partnership (either one-on-one or group coaching) that empowers you to maximize your potential and successfully optimize what is possible for you now and for your future both personally and professionally. 


Offers an all engaging and insightful talks that motivate, empowers, and transforms individuals to take ownership of their lives while changing how they think,how they feel, and what they believe about themselves and take inspired action towards being their personal best. 


Facilitates life-changing and uniquely designed trainings that impacts and revolutionizes participants from the inside out with powerful tools to sustain and maintain growth and development.


Take a powerful journey with an experienced wisdom partner and trusted advisor to gain insight, guidance, and direction while leveraging the knowledge so you can grow and develop in a particular area for getting the very best out of your life or career.


It is always time to “Re-Treat” yourself by giving yourself more self-care to improve your overall wellbeing. These retreats will help you to focus on your own needs and what makes you feel refreshed and renewed. Investing in yourself is the most important relationship because you are with yourself 24/7.

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Choose the right pa©th
today that will support you
in making it happen

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