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The Totally Empowered Woman Collective

We are a community of women who believe that empowerment starts from the inside out. Our creed is “Empower your Spirit, Empower your Life.” This belief is established with the understanding that GOD designed us to live a successfully empowered life in every area of our lives. And in order to truly be empowered to live this way, it begins with being empowered by a strong spiritual relationship with God and using biblical principles for life application, have a strong awareness of self, and be apart of an incredible strong support system with others.

Nashawn Turner | Uniquely Designed Coaching

We are here for y©ou

This network seeks to strengthen women in areas that they want to grow in while gaining knowledge, tools, and tips that will equip them to thrive and win at life. Whether you are looking to win personally or professionally.

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Who is it for?

The Total Empowered Woman is for women who are ready to "Step into the Power" that they were born with to fully become who God created them to be, to do, and have to experience living abundantly while empowering other women to do the same.

These women recognize their strengths with a determination to become stronger. However, they also acknowledge their own weaknesses and are committed to minimizing them to embrace limitless living.

The powerful network is for women who are willing to own who they are unapologetically and without reservation of who they are NOW and who they are BECOMING. It is for those women who choose to live purposefully, passionately, and authentically in alignment with their values, beliefs, and life assignment.

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Who makes up this group?

This network is made up of a team of incredible women who believe in empowering other women with their professional expertise and life experiences to help and support them to grow, and to increase their capacity to maximize their potential in every area of their lives, businesses, relationships, finances, family, health, and more. 

(Some of) the benefits

This network offers inspirational & motivational conversations, “E”-Power trainings, webinars, live events (conferences, workshops, & retreats), Facebook groups, and book clubs. We will also offer On-the-Spot Individual Coaching and Group coaching sessions as well as some Mentoring that is designed to encourage, educate, equip, and empower women to shift into gear with passion, power, purpose, and clarity for next level living and being.

$275 Monthly Membership Fee

Sign up for the Announcement

 If you are a woman who is ready to transform and expand your life and to feel fully alive in doing it, then now is the time to be apart of this phenomenal network that was designed with you in mind! 

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