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The Image of a Woman: Creating Your Authentic Self From the Inside Out

This seminar is about embracing the essence of your true self-portrait and living your life out loud to express your uniqueness. The seminar will help woman to gain tools to strengthen their foundation as a woman in order to become their personal best.


It includes learning how to be empowered from within based on who you are and what you have to offer the world, how to become all the you were meant to be, how to redefine your image and reframe it to fit you, and how to present your best self to the world.

Rave Reviews

"The Image of A Woman Seminar gave important life messages that we don't often take the time to consider and apply to our lives. The authentic self message powerful."

˜ D. Maccannon, MD


"The Image of A Woman Seminar was insightful and gave practical steps towards improvement. God centered...very encouraging. It helped me to see that who I am representing is not who I am on the inside. I was set free from strongholds in my life that I didn't know I had and it began from attending this seminar. It changed me enough to want to change".

˜ L. Asinugo, Account Executive (Radio station)


"The Image of a Woman Seminar gave very useful information to me...from how to discover your authentic self to how to create your personal brand. I am excited to go through this material and work on the areas I need to improve and become more of the woman God desires for me. Thank you very much for spending your time and energy on this seminar. Great information!

˜ D. Lavrinovich, Military Wife


" I found everything about The Image of a Woman Seminar useful. I thought it was the perfect combination of inner and outer woman issues. I feel more focused and want to use this information to be more empowered. I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others."

˜ K. Loquist, Military Wife


"I feel so inspired and empowered...the seminar was great!!"

˜ Y. Kane, Military Wife

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