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Nashawn really guided me through the process of developing assertiveness.  She helped me to discover my voice and to recognize it’s power.  Her positive attitude and upbeat personality made it a pleasure to speak with her on a weekly basis.  Her assignments were meaningful and informative.  She also shared resources to read to help me on my journey, which I appreciated.  This experience is definitely worth the time, effort and cost.  I would recommend  Nashawn’s coaching to everyone.  It will change your mindset.

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"Transformed my mindset!"

Coaching with Nashawn has been life changing and an eye-opener! She caused me to wake up in a sense to what is on the inside and really dig deep to see all that is in me. I've realized that there are areas in my life where I have settled, but I choose not to settle anymore! Nashawn encouraged me to see the uniqueness that God has placed inside of me and to stop comparing myself with others. "No one has what I have and they definitely can't do it the way I can."  Nashawn, through coaching helped push me, whereby I've decided to participate in my destiny and things are looking good!! Nashawn is definitely a gem, a precious jewel that God has uniquely designed to help catapult me and others into their destiny!

"An Eye catapult me into their Destiny!"

I had reached a point in my life where I knew I was stuck. I knew God created me for more, but I had no idea what “more” looked like or how to go about getting it. I knew there was a greater plan and purpose for my life, but fear had kept me paralyzed for a long time. I always believed there was “more.” Nashawn helped me to not only see it, but go after it! She helped me discover a new path to get what I want. My time with Nashawn has been life changing. She helped me realize not to let my dreams and opportunities tick away but to go after what I really want in life. A dream of mine since November 2005 was to become a Personal Image Consultant. Time passed, life happened and my dream nearly slipped away. Nashawn said in order to make my dream a reality, I need to take relentless action, have undeniable faith and act in confidence. It was time to set the goal and move because the clock is ticking. This year, thanks to Nashawn, I am going after my dream of starting my own business as a Personal Image Consultant. I believed there was “More” and NOW I see it! As Nashawn always says, “My next is upon me!!!!”

 ~ Ann Sears, Image Consultant

"My time with Nashawn has been life changing...I'm starting my own business"

"I feel good about myself again and now my life is more in control."

"Before I started working with Nashawn at Uniquely Designed Coaching, I spent most of my time out of my home doing "things". I was getting depressed because I felt my life was out of control and that I had no direction. I needed to do something and I needed help. I worked with Nashawn for almost five months and my life is so much better. I feel good about myself again and now my life is more in control. Coaching made me look closely at myself and determine what was really important in my life. Once I did this, I was able to give up some activities that I never thought I would because I realized my values had changed. My family and friends have noticed a positive change in both my attitude and how I live my life. This is a good thing and I feel better and have more energy to take on new challenges. Thank you Nashawn!"


˜ JoAnn Lemly


"Everytime that Nashawn and I met for our once a week coaching appointment, there would be an "AHA!" moment and my eyes would open just a bit more to my surroundings. The process that Nashawn and I worked on taught me that it is okay to be happy in my "messyness" and to be okay with not being perfect; to embrace my friendships and relationships (past and present); and to understand and know how to take care for my spirit first so that I can take care of the people that I love better. Since we stopped our coaching sessions, she continues to be my Life Coach and friend!"


˜ Julie Matsuoka, Register Nurse ˜

"Everytime we met was an "AHA MOMENT"!

"I am enjoying life like never before!"

"I absolutely enjoyed the coaching relationship with Nashawn! I was amazed at how God used her as an instrument to bring our what laid dormant inside of me. I can honestly say this was much better than seeing a psychologist. She has made me realize that I can "uniquely design" my life the way I want it to be. I am able to dream again, live again, and take charge again. The insights I gained were indispensable! We met twice a month for four months now and I've seen tremendous results! I've never felt as good as I am now. I AM ENJOYING LIFE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!! Nashawn Turner is one to be direct and honest and very profound in her coaching. She is funny, alive and full of character. She has a tendency to make you "get it" when your're overwhelmed with the changes of life. I am honored to have her as a Life Coach and I'd recommend her to those who are in need and those who just need that little kick in the behind to move forward to the destiny which is rightfully theirs. I'm on my way and yes...she's right there on the sidelines cheering me on. Financially, this is one investment I will not regret and one that is memorable for the rest of my life. I will not put a price tag to the wisdom imparted to me and the tools I've gained throughout my sessions. The goods are within you and sometimes you just need that special someone to nudge you from time to time to get your head in the game. Not only that I've made her my mentor and my Life Coach, but I am happy to say she has also become an awesome role model. Mahalos from Hawaii."


˜ Meri-Mine Clarke, Medical Office Manager


"The one thing that I gained from my coaching experience with Nashawn Turner is finding my VOICE. Now I can speak to be heard and is now listened to".


˜ Laura Kardos

"Found my Voice."

"I truly believe I got it and that I am on my way to a better me"

"I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate all of your assistance. You have helped me realized I am not a procrastinator and that I have to learned to say "NO". I also appreciate the fact that I am writing down my accomplishments for the week & day so it allows me to stay on task and complete my projects in a timely manner. I believe I am now successfully on my way to better time management skills, prioritizing my tasks and no longer beating myself up for what I do for myself. You were so good at guiding me...I truly believe I got it and that I am on my way to a better me. Thank you for helping me and I will make sure to let others know about your coaching and refer them to you!"


˜ Delna Grey, Real Estate Investor ˜


"I made some pretty BIG decisions as a result of our sessions"

Working with Nashawn has opened my eyes to so many possibilities! When I first met started working with her, I was lost. While I knew where I wanted to be, I had no clue how to get there…I was following the wrong road map! Every coaching session with Nashawn gave me clarity and focus. It taught me how to give energy to the things that mattered. I am confident that I am on the right track and following the right map…leading me to my destiny. I made some pretty BIG decisions as a result of our sessions, and I would never have had the courage to make those moves without Nashawn.


- Develda Edgington, Founder & CEO, Girlz on Fire Inc.

"Nashawn will effortlessly guide you down the road of your own soulful self-discovery."

When I contacted Nashawn, I was at the end of a road that split in two directions.  I knew if I walked down the familiar road, I would not learn what I needed to learn.  I committed to work with Nashawn for 90 days.  Through hard work and dedication to the extensive thought provoking homework, I embraced my idiosyncrasies and rediscovered myself as a professional woman, wife, and mother.  If you want to take your life to the next level, professionally or personally, Nashawn will effortlessly guide you down the road of your own soulful self-discovery.    Make an investment in YOU, the reward is greater than any material item, I promise!   

Blessings to you always, Nashawn!


- Gina Rabbasi


Mrs. Nashawn is truly the women whisperer! When I sought her out her timing was right on time. I literally needed her! I was dying inside. I know without any shadow of a doubt, that our time together was purposed. Because of coaching I am now on the path and fulfilling my true purpose and destiny. Mrs. Nashawn has transformed my fearful thoughts and actions through coaching and has pushed me in the spotlight of life! I am forever grateful for her and her God given talents and abilities. She is absolutely, hands down, the most amazing life coach. She is phenomenal at what she does and I can never repay her for what she has done for me. I love to quote her when she says "It will work, if you work it" and it will work!! My life WILL NEVER be the same.


- Myesha Pryce, Military

"She is absolutely, hands down, the most amazing Life Coach."

"I have become empowered, encouraged and am excited about living MY LIFE by divine design."

The phenomenal experience in working with Nashawn as my Life Coach has been exceptionally unique and positively transforming! Life Coaching proved to be an enlightened and personal journey of self discovery and renewal in living an abundantly blessed life. I have become empowered, encouraged and am excited about living MY LIFE by divine design. The wisdom gained from having a Life Coach has been one of the best investments I could ever make in becoming and living as a totally empowered woman!


- S. Brent, Teacher


For the many months that you coached me I grew.  What do coaches do? They push you to be better by helping to pull out potential that simply needs conditioning.  I came to you looking for guidance to be a better communicator in my personal and professional life and you helped me do that.  Throughout the phone calls, emails, and the reports received after our sessions you were honest, candid, and professional in the tips, and coaching you provided.  Never giving me the answer to my challenges, but asking poignant questions allowing me to find my own answer.  That gave me strength, trust, and belief in myself. You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you have changed my life. Can't thank you enough :)


- Yasmeen Neal - Military Officer/Entrepreneur

"You have changed my life."

"It was impactful and has helped me stay on track this year."

Things have been going great with my coaching session with Nashawn. I've been exercising more consistently and I have been able to be more focused. God is awesome and I am so grateful to you! Nashawn has truly been and inspiration and resource of wisdom and practical strategy. During our coaching session, she took the time to authentically listen to my concerns and provide amazing feedback that has since remain a major part of my daily strategy for winning! Thank you for our coaching session this year. It was impactful and has helped me stay on track this year. 



- Tara Lynn


When I first met Nashawn, I lived a life of FEAR.  I let my past mistakes define my future and I walked in fear.  Nashawn taught me how to forgive myself and move forward…to walk in the Light of God!

Today, I take the strategies that Nashawn taught me and walk with COURAGE!  As a result of her coaching, I just recently attained and my Educational Specialist Degree from George Washington University and I am now training for a half marathon. Thank you Nashawn and may God’s Light continue to Shine in your life!



- Dara Kelly, Vice Principle




"When I first met Nashawn, I lived a life of FEAR."



"I started coaching with Mrs. Nashawn in 2011. My life was in total chaos. Being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur I had no control over things. All areas of my life were blended together. Once she began coaching me, we started from the very beginning, breaking everything down and build a strong foundation. Slowly piecing my life together. She helped me to understand why things were how they were and how to eliminate what wasn't necessary. Pushing and guiding me into my destiny! She took all areas of my life and helped me give each category allotted time. Also, she helped me to create a vision board to physically see my goals and dreams and how to reach them. I didn't realize the greatness that was in me, she pulled it out of me. I would not be who or where I am today without her. I thank God for Mrs. Nashawn. She has became so much more in my life than my Life Coach, but someone very near and dear to me. She is apart of my intimate circle."


~ Aiasha. Fleurantin., Entrepreneur




I worked with Nashawn Turner for 6 months and I truly enjoyed working with her because she held me accountable and motivated.  She helped me to create plans to be able to accomplish my goals while offering ideas and valuable information to help me with my business.  Our coaching sessions have resulted in me making the right decisions in my life to fulfill my purpose. Since, coaching with Nashawn I have opened my own boutique and I have left my full-time job of 12 years. Nashawn Turner, she helps you turn your dreams into reality!

- Tamara Godfrey, Business Owner

"Turned My Dreams into Reality!!!"

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