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The 31-Day "Step Into Your Power" Empowerment Challenge eBook and BONUS Empowerment Audio Series 


Being empowered is stepping into your enablement to make things happen in your life. It is giving yourself permission to own the totality of your possibilities for a BETTER YOU and a BETTER LIFE! 

Lights, Camera, Action - Starring in the Role of Your Life by Rewriting the Script

Each audio instructs and prepares you for the next stage or phase in your script writing. It will assist you in writing your life script with the necessary tools gained from unpacking what your true script should look like.

{eBook & Worksheets} Lights, Camera, Action - Starring in the Role of Your Life by Rewriting the Script

The world is our stage to fulfill and live out our destiny as to why we are here. In life we will find ourselves playing many roles as we continue to grow and evolve. Yet, we all play a major role and we all have a huge responsibility for doing our part in bringing it to past.

The 7-Day Fierce Focus Challenge


Fierce is an attitude!!! Therefore, you must be serious about becoming focus so that you can get to where you want to be. That is why I created The 7-Day Fierce Focus Challenge! 

Let's Talk About Intimacy and Sex..."Does Your Marriage Have ESP?"


Imagine a marriage that is filled with excitement and fresh ideas for bonding in ways you've only dreamed about! The ESP Marriage will take you and your spouse on an exploratory journey in discovering and developing a deep and genuine expression of true intimacy. 

Deployment Perspectives for Today's Military Families.


This book is a collection of letters, journals, and articles of sentiments expressed by spouses and family members of service members who deployed to serve in war. Nashawn is a contributing author with an article entitled "A Refuge."

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