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Thriving Not Just Surviving

Thriving Not Just Surviving


Deployment Perspectives for Today's Military Families.


This book is a collection of letters, journals, and articles of sentiments expressed by spouses and family members of service members who deployed to serve in war. Nashawn is a contributing author with an article entitled "A Refuge." In it, she chronicles the events of her heart, mind and spirit upon regarding her husband's deployment to Iraq. It is an encouragement to those who are in the midst of , or will endure separation of a spouse or close loved one due to the call of this dangerous duty.


...Thank you for being a part of this powerful work-- alongside so many others. May God bless you richly throughout this new year and every day of your life. Great addition to the book- thanks!


Alongside you for Him,

Barb Beyer, OCF Associate Editor

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