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What Are You Looking At? By Nashawn Turner

Life can bring all kinds of things your way that can totally Rock your World! And when that happens, it can feel like the bottom has just dropped out of your life. Have you ever been there?

Last year while my family and I were living overseas, our son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after being misdiagnosed for over nine months. Although we were glad to finally find out what was wrong with him, my husband and I were devastated by the news. You see, until our son’s diagnoses, we were looking at him whithering away from extreme weight loss, experiencing severe abdominal pain, excessive vomiting and nausea, extreme diarrhea, unbreakable fevers, and painful sores, which had formed in his mouth. This led us to frequent the emergency room looking for help and answers.

We prayed for God to intervene with Nathan’s health. It wasn’t until we arrived back in the states that those prayers were beginning to be answered. It took us unleashing our faith to be able to see beyond the suffering that our son endured and the helplessness that we felt and deciding what we will focus our attention on. We chose to look at life through the LENS OF FAITH therewith lie our answers, encouragement, hope, and peace.

I discovered that our Faith allowed us to see what we can’t see and to look beyond what our reality showed us in order to get a “snapshot” of our son's future health. Faith knows instinctively that a page was about to turn in our lives. Today, our son is doing well with the right kind of medication and the proper diet, he has been able to resume a normal kids life.What will you be looking at when you face your next LIFE TEACHER? Just keep watching with the eyes of faith! So what are you looking at?

REFLECTION: In the book of Hebrew 12:2 in the bible it saids to "Keep looking to Jesus who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith!"

SUCCESS ACTION: What have you focused on when you are going through a difficult time in your life? List ways to maintain your faith that will keep you encouraged and motivated inspite of what you are going through until you come through! Journal your experience and lessons learned.

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