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"5 Reasons to keep LOVING YOUR DREAM until you are LIVING YOUR DREAM" by Nashawn Turner

If you’ve ever thought about “living the dream"…YOUR DREAM, you first have to love the dream! Loving what you do has everything to do with becoming successful at what you do. It’s the kind of love that would cause you to do it even if you didn’t get paid for it. Loving the thing you do can take you a very long way when all else fails. It can help you to push pass the frustrations, the doubts, the fears, the insecurities, and the confusing moments towards seeing that dream being fulfilled.

Personally, I have definitely had moments where I thought about giving up and quitting, because let’s face it…if it was so easy, everybody would be doing it. Right? So, what’s love got to do with it…"it" being your dream, EVERYTHING! Loving what you do is a sustaining factor towards making your dream, a reality.


5 Reasons to keep LOVING YOUR DREAM

until you are LIVING THE DREAM!

  • Knowing your “WHY” - Knowing why you are doing what you do gives you a sense of Purpose. One of the main reasons for me not giving up is because I know my “WHY” is my Purpose Assignment. See, I believe that success is doing what you were born to do; therefore, I can’t quit. My “Why” is about being able to transform lives and to empower someone into becoming who they were created to be. This alone is worth me not giving up!

  • It’s Designed for You – Nobody can do your dream, but you. It was designed with you in mind. It needs your unique personality, gifting’s, skills, and talents to make it happen. The world is waiting on "your kind of wonderful" to bring about change.

  • Leave your Legacy – Your dream is about leaving your footprint or contribution on the planet. It is your stamp on history for your children’s children to enjoy and celebrate.

  • It’s Bigger than You – Your dream is not about you, but it is about the greater good of others. It is about doing something significant that adds value to the people only you are able to touch.

  • It’s Your Oxygen – Your dream is what helps you to breathe. Without doing it, you feel like you are dying on the inside and that you are wasting your greatness. Your dream is what inspires you and brings you great joy!

REFLECTION: Think about what makes you tick or what gets you excited about your dream. Then hold on to that "passion thought" when you feel discouraged. It will keep hope alive! Don’t get weary in well doing, you will reap if you faint not (Galatians 6:9 - KJV of the Bible).

SUCCESS ACTION: Remember, love has everything to do with your dream. So this week, feed your dream with motivation by reading a book, attending a workshop, or talking with someone who supports your dream. This will keep you inspired and loving your dream until you are living it out loud!

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