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IT'S NOT SEXY, IT'S JUST LIFE by Nashawn Turner

As an entrepreneur, life coach, speaker, author, radio host, wife and mom my life is pretty full. There is always a lot going on. There are things to remember like projects to complete, clients to meet with, a household to maintain, bills to pay, errands to run, spending time with family, daily exercise, ministry responsibilities, events to attend, growing a business, maintaining my spiritual connection with God…need I go on. In spite of all that we may have going on and how at times we make it look easy, the reality is that is not always glamorous or sexy, it just life! I don’t know about you, but I must admit that I struggle sometimes to hold it all together and make it all function seamlessly regardless of all the help I may have. Doing it all and making it all work all at the same time is hard!

What I’ve come to know is that the battle is about maintaining our focus on what really matters and not to let those things slip through the cracks! The things I’m referring to are the things that keep us on track with our purpose and that ensures that we are growing and developing in a manner that allows us and others to experience our best selves in a holistic way. This way of being includes taking inventory of our personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, and social lives and making it work in a healthy way so that we are not lacking in any area. HOWEVER, IT DOES TAKE WORK! For us to be pumping on all cylinders requires us to slow down and to get still in order to see what we are really missing and what we really need to work on.

Many of us are trying to appear as if we got it all together, but in reality WE DON’T! Let’s stop pretending and really create a life that works for us. Instead of just looking like we are successful, let’s be successful for real from the inside out in every area!

So, what does that look like and how do we create it?

1. Be honest with where you are so you can decide where you want to go.

2. Select from the seven areas mentioned, and identify the top 3 areas that you really need to work on.

3. Create an action plan with at least one thing you can work on TODAY to start the process rolling.

4. Gather your support team to keep you accountable regarding the commitment you made to yourself.

5. Journal your daily progress and rejoice at your mini accomplishments to becoming all that you were meant to be.

REFLECTION: Remember, mastery takes time! When you’re doing the work and making the changes necessary to become who you know you really are….NOW, THAT’S SEXY!

SUCCESS ACTION: Maintain your new focus by alleviating distractions and creating boundaries for maintaining your priorities. For example, downsize your TV, social media, and cell phone time that causes you to get off track and focus more on “YOU TIME” and on what you consider as your non-negotiables!

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