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BE INSPIRED WITH YOU! by Nashawn Turner

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"It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my all time favorite holiday movies because it teaches us how one person's life impacts the lives of so many others in ways that we couldn't imagine. Think of how powerful your life is and how someone else's life has been changed or helped because you were apart of it. Perhaps you never knew just how your presence, your laughter, your prayers, your encouragement, your love, your hug, your voice, and even your faith in that person may have caused him or her to get on the right path or make the right decision that help them to take the right course of action that somehow saved them and changed their lives forever.

Wow! Your very existence matters. You are an inspirational force on the planet! The power to influence and motivate others to go to the next level lies with you. But what about your own life? Can you be energized with the fact that you are still here and that you are here for a PURPOSE. All that God has placed in you (gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, etc.) along with all the things that He brought you through, lessons learned, goals achieved, successes accomplished is something to celebrate and should motivate you to be inspired with YOU.

All of us aspire to be more or to do more with our lives and to be energized in our pursuits and life purpose. However, many times we look outside of ourselves to be stimulated and provoked to propel ourselves to another dimension regarding us becoming our personal best. This year, let's not take ourselves for granted by viewing our lives as ordinary, but instead to look within and view our lives as extraordinary. This will lead us to discover and access the GREATNESS of the hidden treasures within us. You will be surprised to find that the same priceless jewel that is inside of you is not only to bless others, but it can be a source of blessing in your own life as well.

You can find YOUR OWN INSPIRATION from within as you survey your own life. Your life will reveal the many reasons to be inspired and to stay inspired with the most important person in your life...YOU!!! As you look back over your life, be inspired with WHO YOU ARE! You are Uniquely You and there is NO ONE like you. All that you are makes you special. So don't try to be somebody else, but instead be empowered knowing that nobody can beat you being you.

8 Ways to Be Inspired with YOU:

1. BE INSPIRED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE! You are blessed to have health, friends, a job, a place to live, love and much more. Be thankful for all that you do have. It might be less than what others have, but you do have.

2. BE INSPIRED WITH WHAT YOU CAN DO! Some people only wish that they could write or draw like you can. Maybe you are a good cook, or very organized or you can decorate a house, or you are a great leader. Whatever it is, you are the one who can do it and was gifted to do it well.

3. BE INSPIRED WITH WHAT YOU CAN GIVE! If you can give the gift of time, friendship, love, encouragement, money, patience, etc. you have a lot to offer. What a gift to be able to give of yourself freely and wholly.

4. BE INSPIRED WITH HOW YOU LIVE! This includes your choices and your values. Live with boundaries that make you EXCLUSIVELY YOU. In other words, own your life and make your life work for you on your terms. Be fully engaged with your life and live life with greater expectations from yourself and with a greater purpose from within.

5. BE INSPIRED WITH WHAT YOU SAY! The power of life & death is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). So say what you mean and mean what you say. Avoid useless talk that caters only to unnecessary opinions and that gives way to gossip. This only lead to confusion and it will manifest negative outcomes in your life.

6. BE INSPIRED WITH YOUR FAITH! Faith in God, faith in self, faith in life and what life brings to you, knowing that all things will work together for your good (Roman 8:28). Your faith will transform you and sustain you through the difficult places. It will breathe hope into you to live strong despite life's circumstances so that you can reach your ultimate destination.

7. BE INSPIRED WITH YOUR DREAMS! Your dreams are the intimate desires of the original script created for you to live out in it's fullness. Don't compromise your dreams because in doing so, you will compromise and discard apart of you that the world has yet to behold and experience.

8. BE INSPIRED WITH YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). Rejoice in all that you have done and all that you have experienced. The reality of achieving great accomplishments there was great sacrifice. But by the grace of God you did it and by working hard you made it happen.

So celebrate YOU this year and know that..."The Best Is Yet to Come!

REFLECT: Take some time to think about who you are and all the great things you have going on in your life. Write them down on paper and read them often to remind yourself of what a "Wonderful Life" you really do have.

SUCCESS ACTION TIP: Remember, you are worth celebrating. Affirm your worth everyday by reminding yourself of it and speaking it out loud!

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