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Let's Talk About Intimacy & Sex: Does Your Marriage Have ESP?

This seminar explores three levels of intimacy and teaches how to incorporate all three levels for creating a strong, long-lasting, and passionate marriage. Participants will learn what the five top needs of husbands and wives are and how to meet those needs with fun ideas for both to enjoy. This seminar also addresses some of the most problematic areas regarding intimacy and sex in marriage.

Rave Reviews

The "Let's talk intimacy and sex...Does your marriage have ESP?" workshop was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It wasn't just about sex, but more about intimacy and oneness in a marriage.

˜C. Campbell, Marrietta, GA.˜


The "Let's talk intimacy and sex ... Does your marriage have ESP?" was a great workshop. It taught me how to reconnect and have a deeper understanding of my husband's needs. Too bad it could not have been longer. Nashawn was phenomenal!!! And her energy was great!

˜ S. Fitzpatrick, Atlanta, GA.˜


Nashawn was great and very personable!!! The information from the "intimacy and sex" workshop was valuable information on ways to spice up your marriage.

˜ R. Ausbrey˜


Nashawn was very real and personable! The Let's talk intimacy and sex" workshop helped me to understand how to please our husbands and ourselves. Thanks you for your service in saving marriages. Love the gifts and ideas!!

˜ T. Price, Washington, DC.˜


At the Let's talk about Intimacy and Sex...Does your marriage have ESP?" workshop, I learned to be more in tune with my spouse. I liked that Nashawn told us that no two marriages are the same. Nashawn was awesome because she kept it real!!!

˜ L. Crockett, Odenton, MD˜


"Let's talk intimacy and sex...Does your marriage have ESP?" workshop I learned about loving yourself and allowing yourself to love your man emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I wanted to hear more of Nashawn! She was awesome! Real with Purpose!!

˜ S. Butler, Memphis, TN˜


The marriage seminar was great, honest and funny!

˜ Anonymous˜


The intimacy workshop is great for old couples and new couples!!! Helpful tips and discussion!

˜ G. Redd˜


The seminar on intimacy helped me to learn ways to think outside the box. More women need to know that it's not all about them, but it's about our choices.

˜ T. Robinson ˜


At Nashawn's workshop, I learned about what most won't discuss. This is a very important topic for married couples.

˜ M. Robertson˜


I believe the "Let's talk intimacy and sex...Does your marriage have ESP?" workshop could help every marriage. Nashawn did a great job!!! I wish more time could have been added.

˜ C. Artis˜


The marriage seminar was very organized, funny and interesting!

˜M. McKenzie, Charlotte, NC˜

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