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Here We Grow Again

This interactive workshop is about transitions-How to move your life forward while you move on to your next duty station or life after the military. Learn tools for assisting you to grow through transition resulting in a better YOU!

Rave Reviews

"I had the pleasure to attend this workshop last April at MCB Quantico, Virginia. Over the years, I have attended many workshops, briefings, and various family support activities and I can honestly say without reservation that this is one of the Best! Our session was filled with laughter, real life antidotes, practical solutions and encouragement. I found this workshop to be informative, useful, enlightening and beneficial. I enjoyed the stories, slides and the practical tips. I loved how she presented the material!! It helped me prepare psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually for our new duty station here in New Orleans. Mrs. Turner presented "Here We Grow Again" with the highest level of professionalism and I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop for implemented at various military installations. I believe that this program would be valuable, constructive, and a positive experience for any military spouse."

˜ K. Murphy


"I would like to highly recommend Nashawn Turner's workshop "Here We Grow Again". I am the wife of an active duty Marine and reside on Marine Corps Base Quantico. I was fortunate enough to attend her workshop this past April, and found it to be filled with very creative insight. I feel Mrs. Turner's workshop will encourage military spouses to see a move/re-assignment as a new, exciting opportunity for their life. It is surely a way to empower military spouses as they make transitions in their lives. Mrs. Turner delivers the information in a very caring and professional manner. I feel her workshop will leave a positive impact on military spouses that will enable them to look forward to new transitions in their lives."

˜T. Mullins


"The "Here We Grow Again" workshop was very helpful to think specifically about what changes we are going through and how to handle them."

˜ Anonymous


"Enjoyed the interaction with the audience. Workshop helped with the process of mentally moving on."

˜ Nidia Johnson


"The workshop was useful in knowing that you (Nashawn) "been there, done that". All of it is relative to us - Now!!"

˜ Mary


"Everything she said was useful...wish she had more time"

˜ Kim Hyre


"The workshop validated my feelings of being stuck or anxious about transition. Breaking transition down into manageable steps- transition doesn't seem so daunting."

˜ Michele Potter

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