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Life Design Coaching


Life Design Coaching helps you explore, discover, and define your life purpose by looking at your past experiences and future dreams, as well as evaluating your values in relation to your God-given purpose. Setting goals in addition to developing action plans are coaching strategies to help you embrace and fulfill your destiny in order to become all that you were meant to be according to your design.





Marriage Coaching equips you to elevate your marriage to the next level by helping you and your spouse to sharpen and enhance your marital knowledge while tailoring your marriage to uniquely meet the needs of one another. Your marriage can receive a "makeover" and become the most fulfilling and satisfying relationship that you've always imagined and believed that it could be! Or if you want to develop strong healthy relationships with co-workers, family members, friends, or significant others than coaching can assist you in setting healthy boundaries and establish long lasting and nurturing relationships that matter.


Transitional Coaching


Transitional Coaching is about enabling you to successfully deal with the different seasons and various stages of life transitions. Whether it is moving to a new location, career changes, becoming a stay-at-home mom, going back to work/school, or any other life altering events.Coaching can help you to learn how to embrace these changes with hope, encouragement, and an action plan for a new outlook on life.


Life/Work Balance Coaching


Life and work balance coaching will guide you in balancing your personal and professional life that allows you to create a more harmonious and satisfying lifestyle. This coaching program is designed to help you alleviate an overwhelming and stressful life. You will learn to develop life management skills for the quality of life that increases your productivity and effectiveness personally and professionally. Designing this new pace of daily living will be one that you can maintain with great fulfillment. You will be living the life that is right for you and what you do. 

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