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Boundaries: Staying in Your Lane

An interactive workshop that deals with the various types of boundaries and how the lack of boundaries or the violation of them can impede work performance and damage work relationships. Participants will learn how to identify boundaries and use effective strategies to keep from crossing them.

Rave Reviews

"The most useful training I've ever had as a FRO"! Great balance...permission to say no and to have a personal life! I like the visuals used to show when our boundaries are being crossed was very useful!" ˜ Anonymous 


"Excellent workshop! It was high energy and used dynamic activities!" ˜ B. Renee Lilley


"This workshop was great and the Nashawn was great! I liked the exercises a lot! Nashawn should hold a class for FRO's at least once a quarter"


"Good Stuff" 


"Outstanding speaker!" Awesome workshop...I liked all of it!" 


"Excellent workshop!"


" I loved the enthusiasm of the speaker...things were just right! She brought an awareness of all of us regarding boundaries"! 


"I enjoyed the upbeat attitude and interaction that kept everyone engaged! It was fun and informative!"


"This workshop gave me ideas on how to deal with different personalities without being harsh"


"I loved everything about this workshop! You are awesome!"


"Motivating!" ˜ Sasha


"I thought it was great....I learned how to make boundaries work for me!"


"It was great! I have been to many various Family Readiness conferences (both Army & Marine Corps) on staying in your lane, this was the best! ˜ Wendy Edwards


"Excellent!!! More seminars like this! It was motivating for me!"


"This workshop was fantastic! The best about the conference was the energy Nashawn brought and how she motivated me to look and reflect on my work and boundaries!" ˜ Sharon Sharkey 


"The workshop made great comparisons and contrasts with driving and staying in lanes and how we as FRO's do our jobs. This workshop was very helpful and informative. I feel that others could learn a lot from this. Great comments that were very pertinent to many of our situations." ˜ Shelly Henderson


"Everything about this workshop was excellent! More Nashawn!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!" Thanks!


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