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International Speaker |Certified Transformational Life & Leadership Coach

Empowerment Expert |Author |Radio Host




If you're anything like me, you've always known there was something inside of you that was calling you to step out from the backstage of life to the center stage. 

I dare you to believe... And, claim it! I DID! 

See, I always believed there was more to who I was to become. And I was determined to not settle for anything less than what I was born to do. 

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MY MISSION is to motivate you to do the same. And MY VISION is to see you move forward in the 'bigness' of your dreams in order to activate more abundant living.  My main focus is helping women to create an “Unprecedented Life” that is in line with their God-given design! 

I want to motivate and empower you to transform your life from good to exceptional, by helping you to align with your values and goals so you can confidently step onto your center stage and claim the personal and 
professional success you were meant to have. 


For years, I've helped women (and men) with unfulfilled potential to create the incredible personal and professional lives they so desperately wanted by using my transformational strategies and solutions. I inspire and empower them to become their own game-changers so they can boldly live life on their own terms, design their own unique brand of success, and achieve their purpose-driven goals.

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So, if you're ready to:


  •  Take control of your personal and professional life


  •  Gain clarity and focus to maximize your potential


  • Take the lead in your life and own your power to stand in who you are


  • Express your unique greatness to live out your purpose assignment


You're in the right place. 

If you're a woman whose goal is to:


  • Awaken to the possibilities around you so you can take charge of your life, while taking advantage of new opportunities to celebrate your life right now!


  • Re-invent your life by learning how to dream again, set goals, and change self-limiting beliefs all while exploring how you want your life to look, feel, and work in areas such as your marriage, business, career, family, relationships, and much more. Then it's time to step into the life that's been waiting for you to claim it and WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER!




  • Become “Game Changers” in their lives by creating new rules and taking courageous steps to make BIG transformations towards becoming everything they were meant to be.

  • Redesign their lives to connect with their own uniqueness and to identify opportunities and choices that empower them to live life on their own terms. 

  • Learn to trust themselves towards achieving what they want for an authentic and fierce life. 

  • Get unstuck, get focus, see results, and thrive in making their dreams come true.

Are you ready to uniquely design your life? Say "YES" to yourself by releasing your fears and starting a new life today. Your LIFE will thank you!





Nashawn Turner is an international speaker, empowerment expert, published author, and life/leadership coach who designs transformational strategies and solutions for women who are ready to take the lead in their own lives and own their power to stand in who they are and express their unique greatness in order to live out their purpose assignment. Nashawn is also the founder and CEO of Uniquely Designed Coaching, a business dedicated to helping exceptional women make game-changing transformations and achieve outstanding, uniquely-designed success. 


For over 20 years, Nashawn has conducted workshops, trainings, seminars, retreats and conferences for businesses, colleges, churches, government agencies, and military organizations that motivate and champion her clients towards success by bringing about internal awareness to create external change.


Nashawn's is a Forbes Coach Council Member and her work and contributions has been in Forbes, Success Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, UpScale Magazine, Huffington Post and Charlotte Post Newspaper, sharing her life coaching tips for moving people forward in their lives. She has empowered thousands of people to be exceptional in who they are and in what they do in their personal and professional lives by promoting change, increasing growth, and creating outstanding results. The author of The ESP Marriage: Developing True Intimacy in Your Marriage by Building a Powerful EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL Connection, a contributing author of Creating a Blueprint for Inner Change and a contributing author of Thriving and Not Just Surviving: Deployment Perspectives for Today's Military Families.  


Nashawn is the creator of THE TOTAL EMPOWERED WOMAN EXPERIENCE - a movement for equipping, educating, mentoring, and inspiring women to live an empowered and purposeful life through powerful live events, retreats, and strategic mentoring connections. Nashawn is the host of her own internet radio show on BlogTalk Radio called Uniquely Designed Talk. She also has a Masters degree in Human Service Counseling from Regent University and has a certification fromTransformational Leadership Coaching which has now become Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and she is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Nashawn resides in northern Virginia with her wonderful husband and they have two grown daughters and one teenage son. She enjoys reading, laughing out loud and having fun with family and friends, watching good movies, meeting new people and traveling around the world. 





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